15 Things that poor people do, Rich People Don’t

Who else in this world do not want to be Rich? Yes, I know, the answer is everyone. So is everyone can achieve that long cherish dream? No, they can not. Beause they actually wanted to be rich overnight not in practical.

There are some basic attitude and life style that most of the rich people follow not by born but by there self will power. I have read several articles about those habits and still trying to figure it out.

Today I am going to tell some of those points that are not followed by Rich people which are truely obeyed by the poor people:

1. Poor people watches TV a lot.
2. Poor people eat fast foods.
3. Poor people buy things that are on sale.
4. Poor people usualy wake up later than rich tge people.
5. Poor people are really into sports.
6. Poor people don’t take shower as often rich people do.
7. Poor people blame others for their misfortune.
8. Poor people have no money saved.
9. Poor people use credit cards or take out loans for useless things.
10. Poor people tends to have more kids in their earlier life.
11. Poor people do not check regularly their medic.
12. Poor people spend money before they get it.
13. Poor people surround themselves with other poor peoples.
14. Poor people never follow through their own idea or potential.
15. Poor people believe that other should help them to reach the top.

Hope these points matches with the most poor people. 😄

Don’t wonder, it’s not my analysis. The ture analysis is done by book author. And I am sorry I can’t remember his name 😔

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